Dramatic Works

Phil Darg: playwright, librettist, dramatist.

Below is a list of a number of Phil's recent dramatic works (from about 2012 to the present). This list of completed works includes full length musicals and plays (dramas and comedies), as well as one act plays (30-60 minutes in length), and shorter works (10-15 minutes in length). Note that some plays/musical titles are linked to pages with more information about the work in question.

Many of these have been produced and/or have been given staged readings. However, a number of these works remain unproduced. Many of these works could easily be adapted for TV and film.

Works in development are not included here. For more information about forthcoming works and upcoming projects, please contact Phil directly.

Musicals and Full Length Plays   One Act and Short Plays

Al Gore Rhythm (2023)
(2 M, 2F) [drama]
A.I. technology and its discontents in the (very) near future.

The Melungeons (2022)
(4 M, 4 F + ensemble) [musical, drama]
A mixed race Appalachian community faces a dilemma of loyalties at the outbreak of the Civil War.

The Diary of Anya Drozdova (2021)
(5 F, 3 M) [drama; "a play with music"]
A depiction of the plight of women in the Soviet gulag on the eve of World War II.

Quarantined! Musical COVID-19 (2020)
(2 M, 2 F) [musical, comedy, short]
Some NYU room mates humorously endure the outbreak of the pandemic. Could this be love? Probably not . . .

Hijab at First Sight (2020)
(1 M, 1 F) [musical, romance, short]
A busker at the Marcy Avenue Station engages with a Muslim woman - leading to a deep discussion about religion, a bit of shared music, and the onset of romance.

AOC! Musical for the People (2019)
(8 F, 8 M) [musical, drama]
The true story of the rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her journey to winning the District 14 congressional primary election in June 2018.

The ABC's of LGBT at the Rainbow Valley B 'n' B (2018)
(3 M, 3 F) [dramedy]
A conservative pastor and his uptight wife unintentionally spend a weekend at a gay bed and breakfast.

Cringe Fest (2016)
(3 M, 3 F) [musical, comedy]
A desperate failed producer tries to save money producing his "Mid City Musical Festival" by combining all of the participants' shows into one, creating a ridiculous mash-up.

Liberators (2018)
(2 M, 3F) [drama]
An Iraq War veteran is encouraged by an empathetic VA counselor to overcome the struggles of his battlefield injuries and move on with his life.

Hyard Ed (2017)
(4 M, 3 F, 1 N + ensemble) [musical, comedy]
College History lecturer Edward Hyard laments his powerless non-tenured position and heavy workload - until he encourages his students to actually make history by pursuing social change at the college.

Dido: Queen of Carthage (2017)
(4 M, 4 F) [drama]
Forced from the throne she shares with her brother in Tyre, Princess Dido flees with her followers to the African coast – where they establish the "new city" of Carthage.

The Pound: A Musical for the Dogs (2015)
(6 F, 3 M, 3 N) [musical, comedy]
It's Laura's first day of work at Eastview Municipal Animal Shelter - and she suddenly discovers that she can actually understand what the dogs in the shelter are saying! She then strives to find a way out of the shelter for all of the dogs.

Sasquatched! The Musical (2012)
(8 M, 4 F + ensemble) [musical, comedy]
Bigfoot is real - but he's a lot different than you think! Arthur the Sasquatch is an articulate intelligent, gentle, and dignified creature. Chaos ensues when he attempts to elude a ruthless TV crew investigating Bigfoot - as the stage erupts into hilarious high jinx and social commentary.



My Name is Jane (2023)
(3 F, 1 M) [drama, one act]
One woman's journey of Infertility treatment and problematic pregnancy in the post-Roe era.

Thespis (2017)
(3 M, 1 F + ensemble) [comedy, one act]
The story of how drama itself was invented.

Evolution (2017)
(3 M, 3 F) [abstract drama, one act]
One hierarchy - under God. Evolution explores and portrays the dynamics of the growth of human society from its earliest stages up to the present day.

Facility (2016)
(2 M, 2 F) [drama, one act]
An elderly man suffering from dementia struggles to understand his situation and maintain a relationship with his daughter.

Waiting for Ellie (2023)
(2 F, 1 M) [drama, short]
Active shooter at the local school; two mothers anxiously wait for their children to exit the building.

Field of Screams (2022)
(3 F) [dramedy, short]
Based on actual events: three frazzled mothers are pushed to their breaking point during the pandemic, and meet outside on an athletic field in order to loudly vent their frustrations.

Socially Distant (2021)
(1 M, 1 F) [dramedy, short]
Meet/cute - pandemic style.

Drowning in Piles of Stuff (2020)
(1 M, 2 F, 1 N) [comedy, short]
A family fills their home with lots of stuff - but their need for stuff never seems to be satisfied, and their ability to get rid of anything is non-existent.

Alexa, Fix My Relationship! (2019)
(1 F, 1 M) [comedy, short]
Libby - a single young woman who relies on Alexa too much - attempts to salvage her relationship with her boyfriend.

The Ten Minutes After (2019)
(1 M, 1 F) [drama, short]
Medical research indicates that there can be neural activity in the brain for ten minutes after a person’s body dies . . .

The Quick Start Guide to Booting Your Man-Bot (2017)
(2 M, 1 F) [comedy, short]
Amy - a single woman looking for love and fed up with every man that she has ever met - decides to splurge on the latest technology: a Man-Bot.

#OregonTrail (2017)
(1 M, 1 F) [comedy, short]
A pioneer couple on the Oregon Trail faces their worst fears when their supplies run out and they become lost. In desperation, they turn to their last resource: the internet.

Habeas Non Corpus (2017)
(1 M, 1 N) [drama, short]
A man is called into the city morgue to identify a body, but finds it very difficult to comply with the coroner’s request.

Critical (2016)
(1 M, 1 F) [comedy, short]
A couple returns home after seeing a ten minute play festival and expresses their criticism of the plays - even as their own lives then seem to become a series of scenes similar to the plays that they have just witnessed.

'Til Death (2016)
(1 M, 2 F) [drama, short]
Husband and wife . . . and murder. But who done what?


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