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Photos from The Pound: A Musical for the Dogs
[all images are 300 dpi and downloadable]

Photos from the 2016 MN Fringe Production


It's Laura's (Mariah Griep, right) first day working at Eastview Animal Shelter with Ms Hargreave (Martha Wigmore, left). The dogs of Eastview Animal Shelter - from left to right: Shep (Zack Lee), Slinky (Thalia Kostman), Fluffy (Cayla Marie Wolpers), Pal (Isabel Pone), Barnaby (Brandon Cayetano), Yappy (Bethany McCade), Lucky (Zachary Kulzer), Billie (Nicole Korbisch), and Fido (Andy Rakerd). 


Just another day in the pound (left to right): Pal (Isabel Pone), Fluffy (Cayla Marie Wolpers), Billie (Nicole Korbisch), Yappy (Bethany McCade), and Lucky (Zachary Kulzer).


Billie (Nicole Korbisch, center) sings the blues to Lucky
(Zachary Kulzer, left) and Shep (Zack Lee, right).

Laura and the dogs 

Laura seems very understanding . . .


Yappy (Bethany McCade, center) is examined by Ms. Hargreave (Martha Wigmore, left) and Laura (Mariah Griep, right).

Shep and Fluffy

Shep (Zack Lee, left) and Fluffy (Cayla Marie Wolpers, right)
discover that they have feelings for each other.

Fido and Laura

Fido (Andy Rakerd, left) is a bit unfriendly . . .


Something's up with Slinky (Thalia Kostman).

Lucky and Pal

Lucky (Zachary Kulzer, left) and Pal (Isabel Pone, right).

Barnaby and Fido

Fido (Andy Rakerd, left) and Barnaby (Brandon Cayetano, right)
see eye-to-eye . . . or do they?


Life in the pound can be surprisingly . . . surprising . . .

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